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Upside Partner Program


If you refer a Prospect to Upside via your customised URL who subsequently requests a property appraisal, lists and sells their property, upon settlement, you will receive a $500AUD referral fee.


Terms and Conditions


Upside (“We”, “Upside” or “Company”) is offering Partners and Affiliates (“Partner”) the opportunity to refer Prospects (“Prospect”) via a Referral Program (“Program”) offered on the web site located at https://upside.tapfiliate.com/ (the “Page”) and made via a dedicated and customised URL allocated upon sign up to the program to the Referrer or via the referral hub https://upside.com.au/lp/referral-hub.


  1. By using the Page and participating in this Program, you are bound by these terms and conditions and indicate your agreement to them. All of the Company’s decisions are final and binding.

  2. The Program allows a customer who has joined online as a Partner with Upside ("Partner") to direct Prospects to https://upside.com.au/appraisal/address  (“Site”) to request an appraisal from Upside. Upon successful sale of the prospects property, and provided that the conditions described hereinafter are met, the Partner will receive a $500AUD referral fee within 60 days of  settlement.

  3. For the Partner to be eligible for the referral fee the following conditions must be met;

  4. The Partner must have signed up via https://upside.tapfiliate.com/, have been approved as a Partner and received a customised URL which is used by the Prospect or made a referral via the referral hub website https://upside.com.au/lp/referral-hub.

    The Prospect must request an appraisal through the customised link sent to them by the Partner.  

    If the Prospect later requests an appraisal via another channel within 2 weeks of clicking on the customised link, the referral fee is still triggered.

    The Prospect must own the property, list that property for sale with Upside and make the upfront payment within 90 days of initial appraisal request.

    Have their property reach settlement.

  5. Once the conditions 3.1 - 3.5 are completed, the Referral Fee will be issued within 60 days of settlement to the value of $500AUD. At the end of the month of settlement we inform the Partner how much they are owed. The Partner will then be requested to either produce an invoice showing their registered ABN for payment, or if they are unable to provide an invoice, they will receive their Referral Fee of $500 in a gift card.

  6. Upside Realty will not pay the referral fee for Prospects who are currently registered as appraised with Upside or have had contact with Upside within the preceding 3 month period. If a referred Prospect already exists in Upside’s sales database or has requested or been given an appraisal by Upside within the preceding 3 month period, no referral is deemed to have occurred and no fee is payable by Upside to the Partner.

  7. If the referred Prospect has had contact and registered with Upside in the preceding 4 - 12 month period, 50% of the Commission amount is payable by Upside to the Partner- $250AUD.

  8. If we believe there's evidence of exploiting bots or cookie manipulation or any technical manipulation or interference with the program, we reserve the right to investigate and potentially not pay the referral fee.

  9. We reserve the right to request visibility of Partner advertising, including how referral traffic has been generated to protect the integrity of the program.

  10. The Partners MAY NOT run advertising and traffic generating activities that are competitive to the activities and channels owned by Upside or activities misguiding the Internet users and potential Upside customers, included but not limited to:

    1. Search advertising against brand and generic keywords being used by Upside across all Search Engines

    2. Creating and publishing display and text Ads promoting Upside which are not in line with the Upside brand guidelines and messaging

    3. Videos editing out of Upside owned videos and publishing them across video streaming platforms and Social Media

    4. Promoting incorrect information about Upside (ie incorrect pricing) 

  11. There is no maximum number of referrals that can be made however a Fair Use Policy applies and we reserve the right to suspend an account at any time and without notice

  12. Employees of Upside are ineligible for participation in the program and will not be granted partner status via the associated sign up process.

  13. Upside reserves the right to modify, amend, or cancel this program or its terms and conditions at any time and without notice.